User Help

Can’t figure out just how to create that excel formula to pull the average of a number of widgets listed in a different column? Can’t find the file you just worked on yesterday? The printer you installed – just isn’t working? Can’t get your phone to connect to email?

These are the kinds of questions you and your employees have from time to time. Have you called for help to a support line and gotten the run around or waited hours for a 2 second answer?  Have you gotten frustrated because your brother-in-law “knows a guy” who just isn’t calling back?

We have.

That’s why we designed our User Help and Helpdesk process around the customer. We strive to be available and able to answer your questions. More importantly – when you call and your question can’t get answered right away – the Helpdesk will make sure your question gets routed to just the right tech. The Helpdesk will also follow up internally to make sure your question gets handled.  It’s nice to have a concierge focused on outcomes for you and your business. That’s what we do.

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