I’ve worked with Campbell Tech Solutions for almost a full year now. They let me know what to look out for and where we are ok for the future. They communicate concepts I am not familiar with in a down to earth fashion that helps me understand our risks and vulnerabilities. I get same day response, sometimes within the hour even for non-emergencies. In emergencies they respond almost immediately. Billing is explained line by line — there’s no guesswork at the end of the month. Highly recommended. Good guys.

-President & CEO, Engineering and Manufacturing Client

We are very pleased by the expertise and professionalism of Campbell Tech Solutions. In a short time, they have improved our IT network and provided round-the-clock customer service addressing our IT related issues. What has been especially impressive is their organization and attention to detail. From the start we knew we were in good hands.

-Sr. VP, Engineering and Research Client



Campbell Tech Solutions has been a trusted IT partner for my family of growing businesses. From wired and wireless networking to database management and data analysis, Joe and his team know how to make complex solutions seem simple. They’re friendly, approachable, and reliable!

-Founder and Serial Entrepreneur, Online Training and Digital Marketing Client



Joe comes across as a very serious person, especially to me as an HR specialist. As he and I collaborated on various issues, I got to learn about his deep understanding of business and business processes — including people. I see this as a great strength for Campbell Tech Solutions. This supports and strengthens their business value oriented service model. Whenever I need to integrate HR processes with Business or bounce leadership theories around, Joe gets it all. So, when you say Campbell Tech Solutions is a Technical Concierge – they truly are!

-Principal Consultant, HR and Organizational Development Consultancy

Campbell was recommended to us after we lost our IT support last year. Initially, we identified agency goals and over the past year Campbell has provided highly technical and creative solutions within our budget. Response time is immediate and our unexpected needs are addressed in a very timely way. The technicians are personable and we trust them to meet our unique needs and offer the latest in innovative resolutions. I would highly recommend them for any business.

-Executive Partner, Healthcare Client



We enthusiastically recommend Campbell Tech Solutions for any business application. The staff at Campbell Tech are extremely responsive, and so very helpful with recommendations and definitely looking out for our best interests and budget.

-Office Manager, Real Estate Brokerage