• Joe Vandervest

Magic Auto Responder

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Do you sometimes wish that you could auto send a message like this to anyone sending email to your email box? It would automajically respond just ONCE to the first message from a sender. (Sure it would let spammers know your address is good - but how many real spammers are using legit sender/reply email addresses?)

Here's the wishful thought.....

Thank you for your email. Although email is a great tool for communication, it isn’t always the best one. Please use the guide below to help us establish contact in the most effective way.

Cold Call / Sales Call

  • Email is about the only way you might reach me. I’ll review your email, If I am curious you may see me come up on the mailing as an OPEN. If I’m interested - I’ll contact you. Otherwise your email was ignored.

Employees and Team Members

  • Email works, but try stopping by if I’m in the office because I’ve found face:face is how the most information is conveyed. If I’m not in the office, you’re unsure of the priority and you need to reach me right away - try the phone or just drop a Chat.

  • If it really can’t wait - a cell phone call or a TEXT.

Clients / Contacts / Existing Relationships

  • Normal or Routine Communications: Email is the best way to reach me. I tend not to answer my desk phone unless your caller ID is clearly visible as the number is too abused by cold callers. Email is a good way to reach me for low priority issues. If your email included an action item for me and you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, please send another or give me a call/chat.

  • Time Sensitive Matters: If you have an issue that needs attention, try sending an email and send me a Chat (if you have the service) or give me a call at any of the numbers you have.

  • Urgent Matters: Try to reach me in the following order: Call, Text, Chat, email. If those don’t get a response in the window you are expecting, please call the Helpdesk and let the technician know you have an urgent issue. If I’m unavailable, they may be able to route you to someone on the team who can.