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Escape Room Nabbed Us

Team Building Day - Escape Room Nabbed Us

Last Friday, the 9th, the Campbell Tech Solutions team gathered at the Loft912  in Port Huron. Our event was one of the last ones held there - the coworkers who used to be there have almost all moved over to the new coworking center at The Roost (a block or so away).

We participated in a Team Building event jointly put on by Carol at The Hallway Escape ( thehallwayescape.com )  and Kanchan from GreatWorkPlace ( greatworkplace.us ).

I know what you’re thinking - “Team Building” - just an excuse to get out of the office and mess about,  avoiding work. Right? Wrong!

The day was super structured.  We had a team breakfast at the Loft, did an escape room at The Hallway Escape, had lunch, then did some facilitated team exercises that Kanchan facilitated.

As you can tell from the photo - we never made it out of the escape room in time! So - having missed our target, we got to do time for a little bit.

The day was centered around DISC Profiles.  You can read more about them by on the net. Suffice to say each of us got a chance to gain some insight into one another’s “API” --  how we best get and transmit information.

The facilitated discussion and exercises reinforced the findings and gave each team member some structured conversation with every other member. Kanchan and Carol observed our efforts to get out of the Escape Room. They provided some valuable insights into our team dynamic.

Each member of the team seemed to enjoy themselves.  I’d say there were a few “oh really” type reactions as we learned a little bit more about one another.

At the end of the day, our sense of team was improved. Our individual sensitivities to the differen

ces in communication styles and work approaches was heightened.  This helps us understand one another a bit more and thereby avoid trust erosion stemming from faulty conclusions drawn during difficult interactions.

Chef Shell’s ( chefshells.com ), a local eatery, did a nice job providing breakfast and a tasty hot lunch.   Carol was a great concierge - I just handed her the budget and the needs - she took care of all the arrangements for us.  Kanchan made the day worthwhile as she did significant prep work, administering the DISC tests ahead of time, and spending time with each team member reviewing their profile 1: 1 before we met. (All making for an efficient, focused day.)

In the aftermath, I posted a summary of my DISC profile report on my office door - just in case someone wants to get insight into interacting with me.  For new employees, having this information available offers a short-cut to start understanding personalities at work. It’s too bad everyone in organizations doesn’t do this!!!

We had a great day! Thank you to all our local partners in Port Huron who made this possible.

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