When shopping for software as a service provider and solution, accept that you are likely not going to ever find the ONE service that will do everything you need right now and in the future.

There’s no magic silver bullet that can solve all your information needs. Face it. Accept it.

This definition is from Wikipedia,   “A silver bullet is a method to kill mythical creatures such as werewolves or a metaphor for any solution of extreme effectiveness.”

I might add that we use wishful thinking and hope to  expand the scope of  this definition to be  “any solution of extreme effectiveness for all our needs today and tomorrow.”

Looking for the “one” solution is like searching for perfection. You might get close, but you’ll never find it.  You may as well go on a quest to find the “Holy Grail”.   (Probably that kind of quest would be more fun than sitting through 254 product demos and meetings!) ‘

It’s easy to fall in love with a solution. Many look cool, have slick marketing material and are priced to seem unbelievably affordable.  During demos, in the hands of a practiced pro, they seem so easy to use and so thorough.  Don’t let that instant infatuation suck you into “sliver bullet” thinking.

There is no instant fix.

Know that meeting and solving your information needs with web solutions will usually require more than just a couple of solutions.  Silver Bullet thinking is the fastest way to achieve expensive,  frustrating, and depressing disappointment.

You’ll be forced to prioritize and pick solutions — addressing your greatest pains first.  You need some trial and error. It takes effort, hard work, persistence and an open mind.