Pet Rocks were once immensely popular. They were even for a little bit – a success. But that success didn’t last.  


In the same way,  software as a service (SaaS) – trendiness doesn’t equal long term value or sustainability.


You wouldn’t want to use a trendy unproven product to provide data and infrastructure service for your business would you?  I doubt it.

While the newest and latest “hot” SaaS solution might look appealing,


It might  advertize that it is used by a zillion Fortune 500 companies or has 100,000,000 subscribers – beware.

  • Are the Fortune 500s paying customers?

  • Are they using the service in one section of one department or are they using it across their entire enterprise?  

  • How many of those millions of subscribers are paying customers?

  • How many times a day does the average customer use the service? twice a day or .0003 times per day?

I’ve always been suspect of the “trendy” solution.


You should shop to your needs, your context not someone else’s.  


What might work at your buddy’s company won’t necessarily work in yours.

I always remember my Mother telling me, “Just because everyone jumps off the bridge, does that mean you need to?”. Yup.


Be aware and control our desire to NOT miss out on the hot trend or the super popular product.


Depending on the Saas you are using, you may build business processes around it – make sure it fits your needs and your context, not some need to buy the popular thing!