Vendor lock-in is one of the tensors between consumer choice, cost control, and vendor market-share aspirations.


Even locks made of gold soon impact your freedom.

By now most of us have experienced vendor lock-in with products. You know the feeling:

  • I can only use provider AC adapters

  • I have to buy all new connecting cords that happen to be made only by the provider.

  • I can’t export my data.

  • I can’t connect to other applications except those made by the publisher.

  • Steadily creeping prices and you find you can’t LEAVE the vendor easily.

That feeling when prices are now sky high, but you’re so locked into the vendor, they solution is everywhere in your company, you just can’t possibly change. It would be too expensive or too hard.

Don’t worry, be happy! You’re now experiencing vendor lock-in!

Sucks doesn’t it? To have your choices removed. To feel like you are handcuffed, forced to accept whatever changes your locked in vendor offers. You pay it at almost any price since changing is just impossibly difficult or expensive or troublesome.

The time to avoid vendor lock-in is to avoid the traps they offer.


Free this, free that. Effortless this, effortless that. You’re distracted from the real questions about open APIs, data export, licensing for API use, etc.

Be sure you are aware of tricks leading to vendor lock-in before you take the plunge.


Keep it in the front of your mind.


Ask questions to help illuminate the degree to which vendor lock-in is boiled into products and services.