Things Change. Indeed they do. If you’re a startup, your business changes each day as you discover more and more about your customers and clients. You learn what it is they really want, what their expectations are, what they are willing to pay for and what they aren’t.


This all translates into finding out more about the service you provide or the features of your product that customers or clients find valuable. If you aren’t experiencing and learning this – start listening and observing.

Along with the ongoing evolution of your business, your information needs change too.  As you go along you will discover more and more things you need to track, make available, plan for, etc. All of that should be reflected in the online services you use and pay for.  If the systems start getting in the way of what you need to do – it’s time to start thinking about the systems.

These days are many different ways to meet the evolving information needs of your business. Selecting the right starting point and online service is big part of helping you stay on the path and evolve your business.

Boil the idea of change into your selection process. Keep it in mind. Accept it. Your business changes, service providers go out of business, service providers are bought by bigger companies, applications changes, features show up – features disappear. It’s a fact. Deal with it and keep it in mind as you search for providers.


Plan accordingly.