If you are a startup, or sometimes even a long established business, you might think you know exactly what you need in terms of software.

Don’t confuse your wants with your needs.  Remember the Stones tune – ” you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need” 

We’ve all done it: confused our WANTS with our NEEDS, especially with software.

99.9% of the time you are looking for software because you have a pain you want to alleviate. You know – the pain of credit card processing, the pain of maintaining your books in a spreadsheet, the frustration of keeping customer lists in a notebook, the confusion of keeping track of what email package your sent to which prospect, or knowing which customer spent how much with you, etc.

You might start looking for just that one fix – to fix just one of those pain points,  but as you get out there and see cool software and services and find software that seems to address a number of your pain points – you start thinking : "Hey, I don’t need just a email list manager system, I need a full CRM!"

That’s where things get complicated. It’s easy. It’s understandable. You start confusing the pain you originally sought relief from with all the other cool fixes and features you see.  Thanks to the slick marketing of the provider, you starting thinking that what you thought was cool – is just something you must have. Something you need. You have morphed your “gee that’s cool and nice” into “I really need this thing”.

Guess what, you’re human. It happens. So before you start shopping around – make sure you have thought through the pain you  are trying to fix and what you really NEED to fix it – not what you want.

Sure we’d all like our medicine sugar coated, but with software and web solutions, usually sugar costs extra and has no value in helping you solve the problem you were originally trying to fix.