We’ve all been there. Whether looking at a new car on a showroom floor, seeing the TV in the store, or checking out the new winter coat at the store: instant infatuation. 

Web services and software are the same way.

You go to the online webinar or in person demo. You see the software work. It looks great! New! Fresh! You may have even asked a million questions about the service – I know I do. It feels like you have struck gold!

  • No matter how well defined, the fact you are out looking for a solution indicates you are trying to solve a problem.

  • Don’t let that need cloud your perceptions.

  • Don’t fall in love with a software service because it looks great and seems to solve the problem you’ve defined. 

Just because it glitters doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Too many times I see folks get a demo of a service or a software before they’ve even truly figured out what problem they need to solve.

They leave the demo with their head full of specific cool features, an awesome interface, and a pep talk from the sales representative. If they look at other products or services, each of them is judged against that first cool one.

This is not the way to shop for anything!   Say you’ve decided you need an SUV and you’ve never owned one before. Would you look at and buy the first cool one you saw?