Use it or waste it.

SaaS is a terrible thing to let linger and waste. Use it or dump it. Otherwise you're just wasting time and money.

One of the things to remember when software/services is that they are a tool.

Tools need to be used, learned, and perhaps mastered.


To get the most out of  them you need practice with them.


You will only get practice with them if you use them.  

I usually say that in the hands of a master, a screwdriver, pliers, and a wrench can be used resourcefully many different ways to solve a zillion problems.  

A mastered tool is much more valuable than the best tool you have no idea how to use.



Whatever service you might select, you won’t be able to exploit it to help you unless you actually use it, learn it, and become proficient with it.


I’ve found that most often, services reveal their power layer by layer as you use it – practice it. When you start running into — “you can’t do that with this tool” on a regular basis – it is probably time to start looking for the next evolutionary step.

Otherwise, if you’re paying for it and not using it or practicing with it. It’s clutter and waste. Close your account. Move on to something else.

Remember – none of these systems can produce valuable data for you if you don’t put data into it.


A CRM only has value if you are putting emails, chat logs, notes, and other records about your leads into it.

Just like the “garbage in, garbage out” rule, if you NEVER put any effort into a product, you’ll never get anything out of it.