Concierge Tech Support for Small Businesses in Michigan

 Concierge IT Services

Our dictionary defines "Concierge"  as a custodian or warden.
We focus on small to medium sized businesses.
Our approach is simple: provide as much or as little as the client wants, offer opportunities to improve the tech experience, give advice when asked, and deliver tech solutions from concept to retirement.
Full service. Life-Cycle management.
This is our mission. Services, not stuff.
"White Glove" treatment focused on business outcomes, not just the "tech stuff". 

  Our Values

We help our clients with their technical problems through old fashioned forward thinking, planning, troubleshooting, and resourcefulness. 
We value a systems perspective, persistence, commitment, mission orientation, sheer effort and positive outcomes. 
We value trust. Trust in one another and our clients is at the core of our value system. We know trust blossoms slowly, and that it is earned over time.  We're prepared to earn yours one day at a time. 
We believe that performance and value shows over time. Partnerships strengthen by working together.  That is how we work.  That is how we apply ourselves to help our clients.


We work to understand your business, what you do and how you do it. We don’t sell any canned solutions, we don’t resell any hardware or software. This gives us focus to care about great outcomes for you. We act on what makes sense for you, not a reseller quota.


Break fix? We’re there. Stuck on something and losing time (time = money)? We help get you unstuck. Our support goal is simple: do whatever we can to keep your organization working – not sitting around waiting on support, or a computer part. We get resourceful overcoming obstacles.


While advice applies to the here and now, counsel is more strategic. The more we understand your business, your culture, your strengths and weaknesses, the more we can offer strategic technical counsel oriented on your goals and objectives. As you face different technology paths – what are the risks? Opportunities? Limitations? This discussion only has meaning from a point of experience and context. You provide the latter, we bring the former.


Advice like an opinion is cheap. Everyone has some. Wisdom on the other hand — is difficult to find and invaluable. We’ve selected, deployed, managed and supported many technologies and solutions. With each success, we’ve collected wisdom. Across our in-house team, we have technical expertise and experience across the breadth of Information Technology. Our hard-won experience comes from using information technology in BUSINESS for BUSINESS.


We're ready to help!

3200 Greenfield Rd, Ste 280

Dearborn, MI 48120

Tel: (313) 203-7222