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What We Do

We provide concierge IT support, advice, counsel and care focused on trust, results and best fit recommendations.

What We Value

Trust is golden. It is earned one step at a time. We value trust that goes both ways to and from our clients. Doggedness, reliability, and resourcefulness. Those are the values we bring to technical problems.


We work to understand your business, what you do and how you do it. We don’t sell any canned solutions, we don’t resell any hardware or software. This gives us focus to care about great outcomes for you. We act on what makes sense for you, not a reseller quota.


Break fix? We’re there. Stuck on something and losing time (time = money)? We help get you unstuck. Our support goal is simple: do whatever we can to keep your organization working – not sitting around waiting on support, or a computer part. We get resourceful overcoming obstacles.


Advice like an opinion is cheap. Everyone has some. Wisdom on the other hand — is difficult to find and invaluable. We’ve selected, deployed, managed and supported many technologies and solutions. With each success, we’ve collected wisdom. Across our in-house team, we have technical expertise and experience across the breadth of Information Technology. Our hard-won experience comes from using information technology in BUSINESS for BUSINESS.


While advice applies to the here and now, counsel is more strategic. The more we understand your business, your culture, your strengths and weaknesses, the more we can offer strategic technical counsel oriented on your goals and objectives. As you face different technology paths – what are the risks? Opportunities? Limitations? This discussion only has meaning from a point of experience and context. You provide the latter, we bring the former.

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concierge it support testimonialI’ve worked with Campbell Tech Solutions for almost a full year now. They let me know what to look out for and where we are ok for the future. They communicate concepts I am not familiar with in a down to earth fashion that helps me understand our risks and vulnerabilities. I get same day response, sometimes within the hour even for non-emergencies. In emergencies they respond almost immediately. Billing is explained line by line — there’s no guesswork at the end of the month. Highly recommended. Good guys.

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Engineering and Manufacturing Client

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